Dean Micros are pleased to announce the launch of a new suite of applications: InfoSuite.

What is InfoSuite?

InfoSuite is a family of applications developed by Dean Micros for use with your Pegasus Opera data.

These applications are "viewers" - applications that let you view the information stored by Pegasus Opera in a new innovative way.

Why use InfoSuite?

InfoSuite applications are designed to be easy to use. They can be used when you do not need to see all the information that Pegasus opera can provide, only the key points.

Information is presented in easy-to-use, well organised manner with a full windows interface.

In most cases, you will hardly ever need to use the keyboard, just a few clicks and you have the information you require.

Extra Users...

Team members who you would not necessarily want to give access to Opera, or who have had no training, could still (for example) check the stock level of a particular item, or retrieve a customer's address. No matter what they press, they simply cannot make changes to the data - accidently or otherwise.

No extra Opera user licenses are required for InfoSuite programs.

Increased Speed...

As users using InfoSuite are not logged into Pegasus, other users will note a speed increase as the load is lightened.

Family Members

The family of applications in the InfoSuite family are each designed to view data form a specific module, the purpose of each is outlined below.


The perfect way to view your customer records. Contact information is presented in a clear, yet detailed manner along with their accounts current status.

Invoices and reciepts are listed, with a zoom facility which allows you to view the analysis lines and even an image of the original invoice.


Now this is the easy way to view your Nominal Ledger information!


The perfect way to view your payroll and personnel records. Displays all the information you could possibly need including salary, absences, contacts, medical, education, training, discipline and benefits.


The perfect way to view your supplier records. Contact information and account status are displayed along with transactions.


StockView is a comprehensive stock browser application for your Pegasus Opera data.

Links to PurView allow access to supplier information. StockView also ties in with InView to retrieve information about customers buying stock items.


All the members of the InfoSuite family share a common interface. The intuitive toolbar and viewing controls are remarkably similar in each application, enabling you to quickly become familiar with the entire range.

To tie all the applications together, an extra program allows quick and easy access to all family members - InfoCentral. This allows one shortcut on your desktop to provide the power of the complete range.

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